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Jam-upfiction Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet novel – Chapter 2167 action puncture read-p2
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2167 blot toothsome
Is really like all they have in his head…? Can’t he consider his circ.u.mstances first? A manager is seriously a boss. They have got remarkable idiocy.
“Xiuran has still left the region currently,” Haitang responded.
“Who do you think Ji Xiuran is? They planned to capture him on this particular little island? I’m worried it’s not very quick,” Haitang solved.
While Haitang behaved very pa.s.sionately in the past very, Ye Wanwan hadn’t retrieved her thoughts but and had no clue who Haitang was, so she didn’t communicate with Haitang for too much time and made up an explanation to exit.
“Ji Xiuran mentioned the Martial Arts Union may well not have intentions of damaging us, so he informed us to not ever fret for the present time,” Haitang stated.
“Forget about that right this moment. Haitang, where’s Ji Xiuran?” Ye Wanwan pressed.
Haitang taken a short look at the guy who spoke before pulling Ye Wanwan and pulling her outdoors.
Is really like all he has in their head…? Can’t he take a look at his initially? A leader is seriously a leader. They have incredible idiocy.
How does Ji Xiuran take action???
“Um, there seemed to be no followthrough after Ji Xiuran escaped?” Ye Wanwan was puzzled. With Ji Xiuran’s persona, he shouldn’t have deserted his associates.
“How did you get seized listed here?” Haitang hastily expected Ye Wanwan.
“Oh correct, here’s a message to suit your needs. Ji Xiuran explained allow it for your needs.”
“Oh appropriate, here’s a notice in your case. Ji Xiuran told me allow it for you.”
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Nevertheless, on second thought, why didn’t the Martial Arts Training Union directly get rid of them but imprison them for this tropical island instead…? That which was the Martial Arts Union’s target for doing this?
The Martial Arts Training Union imprisoned us within this destination already, nevertheless he believed they still don’t have purposes of damaging us?
Is enjoy all they have in the head…? Can’t he check out his circ.u.mstances very first? A superior is seriously a manager. They already have remarkable idiocy.
Ye Wanwan: “…”
Haitang picture examine the man who spoke before pushing Ye Wanwan and dragging her outdoors.
As compared to the intended storehouse they observed, what Ye Wanwan cared about a lot more was the news that Ji Xiuran escaped from your island…?
“No way right… Ji Xiuran understood I would get caught listed here?” Ye Wanwan was surprised. Don’t say Ji Xiuran is actually a clairvoyant…
From Haitang’s outline, Ye Wanwan discovered that this area was put into three big districts—A, B, and C—and the people of each district typically didn’t communicate with other areas and rarely happened to run into other folks.
“Um, there was no followthrough after Ji Xiuran escaped?” Ye Wanwan was puzzled. With Ji Xiuran’s character, he shouldn’t have abandoned his buddies.
When she was becoming taken to your tropical island, she followed that including the yacht use got a while, now how managed Ji Xiuran avoid?
“Who do you reckon Ji Xiuran is? They needed to trap him on this tiny island? I’m hesitant it’s not as easy,” Haitang resolved.
Although Haitang behaved very pa.s.sionately back then as well, Ye Wanwan hadn’t recovered her remembrances nevertheless along with not a clue who Haitang was, so she didn’t converse with Haitang for days on end and made up an alibi to exit.
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“Oh perfect, here’s a notice in your case. Ji Xiuran explained to give it to you.”
Before long, Ye Wanwan implemented Haitang towards the island’s Section A.
When Ye Wanwan first turned up within the Self-sufficient Condition and pretended to become Director Fearless, she once met Haitang with a obtaining between key factions.
A leader’s view sparkled as he spotted Haitang.
The Martial Arts Union jailed us within this island previously, but he imagined they still don’t have any goals of hurting us?
“Oh proper, here’s a message for yourself. Ji Xiuran advised me to give it to you personally.”
When she was staying transferred towards the destination, she noticed that including the motorboat trip took many years, so, just how did Ji Xiuran break free?
“Eh, Haitang’s here… Gimme a kiss.”
How managed Ji Xiuran achieve it???
When compared to the supposed storehouse they located, what Ye Wanwan cared about even more was the news that Ji Xiuran escaped from the island…?
“Haitang, you’re still so aggressive and tyrannical… I’ll love you till I die…”
Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded. He really escaped?!
“No way right… Ji Xiuran recognized I would personally get taken right here?” Ye Wanwan was surprised. Don’t tell me Ji Xiuran can be a clairvoyant…
When she was becoming transported to the island, she noticed that the watercraft experience required many years, how have Ji Xiuran get away?
Ahead of Ye Wanwan could believe more intense, someone whose prolonged head of hair gotten to her waistline joined. Once the lady found Ye Wanwan, astonishment came into her eyeballs, and she named, “Xiao Feng!”

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